Sojourn Chaplaincy at San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center

Honoring The Spirit Through Loving Care And Service

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Volunteers have been the heart of Sojourn for over 30 years and they will continue to be at our core, in coordination with Sojourn's Volunteer and Education programs. With all the illnesses and trauma that can impact an urban population, especially when factoring in high levels of homelessness/housing insecurities, employment and other economic hardships, drug and/or alcohol disorders and/or mental disorders, the need for spiritual and emotional support for patients, their loved one ones, and hospital staff continues to increase daily.

Volunteers also make it possible for Sojourn to continue its work by working in tandem with staff to produce fundraising events and products; recruit, mentor and support new volunteers; and make sure that day-to-day operations are running smoothly and improved when needed. In this case, it is no exaggeration to say "we couldn't do it without you!"



San Francisco General Hospital

Bay Area Jewish Healing Center

Episcopal Charities

The Episcopal Diocese of California

San Francisco Interfaith Council

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