Sojourn Chaplaincy at San Francisco General Hospital

Honoring The Spirit Through Loving Care And Service


SOJOURN CHAPLAINCY is a multi-faith chaplaincy and spiritual care program at SFGH that was originally formed and developed in 1982 when the Episcopal Diocese of California partnered with SFGH to establish an HIV/AIDS ministry for hospital and outpatient patients. Since that time, Sojourn has practiced the mission described in its name: “to stay with for a time.”  Chaplains bring compassion and understanding to patients, loved ones and staff at the hospital; where a nonjudgmental presence characterized by active listening is a gift in an environment where stressful situations and circumstances are all too common. Chaplains sit without an agenda, listening to the needs of the patients, observing the changing needs of the hospital environment and bringing their unique skills to witness, name and create space for hope, health and healing. 

Central to Sojourn is the belief that each person is remarkable and unique and deserving of compassion and understanding. We believe the ultimate test of any society is how it treats its poor and oppressed members; and Sojourn ministers to some of society's most marginalized patients at San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center (SFGH), a comprehensive medical center and the sole provider of trauma and emergency psychiatric services for the City and County of San Francisco. SFGH serves over 107,000 patients per year; is one of the nation’s top academic medical centers and San Francisco’s public hospital. SFGH compassionately and respectfully provides quality health care and trauma services to patients that include some of the most socially and economically marginalized, vulnerable and at risk. SFGH staff members are skilled in providing resources for physical, mental and emotional health and Sojourn provides a critical element of the circle of care by attending to the spiritual needs of patients, families and staff.

Sojourn provides two distinct and necessary services within the hospital setting:

1) A Ministry of Presence is provided non-judgmentally to patients, families, friends and staff, no matter what their religious or spiritual tradition or practice.

2) Chaplaincy training and internships for college and seminary students, and for community volunteers from a variety of religious and spiritual communities.




 San Francisco General Hospital & Trauma Center

Bay Area Jewish Healing Center

Episcopal Charities

The Episcopal Diocese of California

San Francisco Interfaith Council

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Artwork by Miya Ando graces the north wall of the Prayer & Meditation Room.

 Artist Miya Ando

 Ms. Ando's stunning triptych adorns the North wall of the newly-renovated Prayer and Meditation Room. Many hands were involved in the renovation, including the City and County of San Francisco, SFGH, Sojourn, and volunteers. On August 29th, 2011, faith leaders from eight different traditions gathered with hospital leaders, patients, and friends to dedicate and bless the space, which is open twenty-four hours a day for any who seek a place of quiet in the busy environment of SFGH.